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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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A visit to Iowa

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Alright, well.... I went to visit my sister this week with my parents.  We left around noon on Monday and drove to Iowa and stayed in Waterloo for the night, which is about an hour away from my sister, and then drove the rest of the way Tuesday morning.

We brought 2 dozen doughnuts, half with chocolate icing the other half glazed, and a dozen of Panera Bread's cinnamon crunch bagels. Oh yeah, and chocolate for Taylor.  Can't forget the HUGE bag of chocolate.

Monday was a total drag, I was getting tired around 10:30 and wanted to find a hotel so my mom (who can't drive at night) said she'd start looking.  So we pass a major city with tons of hotels but don't stop because she's all distracted looking around and not looking at the signs.  That's kind of irritating, especially when I'm SO tired, and then we get to Waterloo after and HOUR and we pass it up... good thing I-380 dead ends there or I would have been screwed.  So we go to the city, get a room and crash.  Ok, so I know they're renovating some Super 8 motels because the one down the street from me was just done and looks great! We got some really icky one, and I had 2 double beds and chose the one that had clean sheets instead of the one with yellow spots. Can we say disgusting? Yeah, I think so.

Tuesday we get to Kimmy's and wow... she's is SO anorexic. I don't care what she says, she's 98lbs and 5'5".  She looks like a walking skeleton.  How she actually managed to have a child with the lack of food she consumes is beyond me.  But I really missed her, and I know that alot of why she's like that is because of her ex.  She told us that he'd say, "Oh, are you in your sweats cause you gained a pound?" and I think it's hard for her to get out of it. She says it's because the kids keep her moving all the time, but I donno.  I mean, yeah.. she has 6 kids....but still... 98lbs? That seems kind of extreme. I got to meet some nephews and my neice that I'd never met, I played with them and they used me like a trampoline. That's right, they jumped alllllll over me. It was still a good visit, but I was ready to go to the podunk motel at the end of the day.

Wednesday was pretty much the same as the day before, we went to the store before hand to give my sister some time to wake up and stuff, but no one was really awake before we got there. And we didn't get there until around 11am.  Apparently the kids were all awake until the wee hours of the night playing. We went to dinner at the resturant were my nephew works, but didn't even get there until around 9:30-10:00pm and they stayed open just for us so we felt like tools just ordering hamburgers.  Bob left the waitress/owner a $25 tip. I was definately ready for the motel room that night.

Thursday was our last day, we'd decided the day before we weren't staying very late. The day before had been kind of taxing and we were really tired.  We had to make the 1 hour trek back to Waterloo that night, and we didn't want to do it in the dark because we didn't know the exit to take. Around 4:30pm we went to the farmer's market, which consisted of a couple tables with veggies, and my sister said as she was getting into her car, "I'm so glad you guys are gonna be here for a cook out!" so as my mom gets in the car she says, "I guess we're staying later... " and then explained why.  We couldn't talk too much because the kids were in the car with us, so she explained a little later and we decided to stay...obviously.  I got eaten by mosquitos and had 2 hot dogs, and an argument with Spencer, the 7yr old.  He was swinging on the baby's swing and was making them cry on purpose. So, after he kicked me in the stomach from the swing, I yanked him off and told him NEVER to kick me ever again.  I was disappointed my sister didn't say anything when he kicked me, and I felt bad that I had to argue with him just before leaving, but he can't just go around kicking people....and especially not the aunt he just met, for heaven sake.  As we left  that night my mom said, "Spence,...we're not coming back...come say goodbye." he gets on his bike and says, "See ya." and zooms off.  As we're driving away my mom thinks if my sister hadn't been standing there he would have given us the finger.

Friday was a good day, we drove home and...yeah....we drove home.  I have several bruises, scratches, and some wierd stuff I can't get out of my hair as proof, but I wouldn't give any of it up for the world. 

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