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Monday, September 19, 2005

Wednesday starts the weekend badness, my brother Keith, his wife, and 2 kids are arriving to fill the house with noise... but they'll be a nice catalyst to my mom's ever-growing anger. Lately I've been able to do no right, and when I say ANYTHING it's a button for her to get angry. I've had to eat a LOT of things I wanted to say to keep the peace around here, so I welcome my brother's company. Maybe he can chill her out or something.

B-renda left messages on the answering machine telling me (since the answering machine is in my room) that she was going to lie to Van, since brother Keith's arrival is a secret, that my mom wants them over for dinner on Wednesday. Oh, and she was telling him my "friend" was also flying in on Wednesday, which he isn't, and that should assure Van wanting to come over. How sad is it that she has to tell lies to get him to visit his mother? [horrible obscenity here] Well, since my dislike grows daily, I've "forgotten" about it and her little surprise may not even happen. Boo-hoo. Next time, don't piss me off and maybe I’ll be nice. Yeah, yeah... I'm petty and biatchy, shush. You would be too if your every move was scrutinized and found lacking, only to have the accusing party conveniently "forget" about the accusation moments later because THEIR stress is relieved by yelling.

Thursday is the tux fittings... yeah, and we found out TODAY! My [more bad words] brother doesn't find it necessary to ... ya know... let us in on this crap. I know... I know... chill. I'm going CRAZY here, people! CRAZY!

Friday my honey arrives (thank heavens) and I'll finally get someone that's sane to be around. Unfortunately, my brother Van's little "angels" also arrive. (Psst, if I'm not bald from the stress... these two will finish me off. Send help.) So there will be at LEAST 9 people in a 3 bedroom house. This should be interesting.

Saturday is the big, fat, HAIRY event of all events. Van and the Beast get married. The one bright point, other than seeing my brother David piss off B-renda, will be seeing that hairy creature in a dress. I'll be taking bets on the seams splitting and just how long that thing can hold out. I saw her when she was trying it on, and if a sausage could be packed any tighter I'd be surprised.

I'll be posting pictures galore for everyone's enjoyment. Please, stay tuned people! I'll be blogging a LOT!

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