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Anger Management?

Friday, September 09, 2005

My brother and his hairy fiancé have been hitting me one right after the other with the (figurative) punches lately. So much so that today I was actually shaking with anger.

Now, before you assume I'm some berserking evil person, I have to say that it really takes a lot to get me seriously angry. Even today when I was shaking I was more hurt than angry. It's like what I told my mom today as I drove her around to get things, it's as though I've been walking through life with these blinders on thinking that they care. This trudge back home to help my parents has been eye-opening. No more of the "I'm the favorite sibling because I'm the youngest! Tee-hee!" anymore.

I pulled into the parking lot at Costco and sat there a second as my mom got angry at me for letting them get to me again. She said, "I learned long ago that I can't expect people to do what they should do. You need to learn that, too." My reply was, "Maybe your faith in my siblings has gone, but mine is just dying so you have to give me time to adjust." She was totally speechless and then when she did talk she was really quiet when she suggested that we just go home. I put my sunglasses on and got out of the car as I scowled, "Oh, no you don't! We're getting B-renda's water because I'm not dealing with her snarkiness when she doesn't get what she wants."

Incase you were wondering, my anger today stemmed from an incident over the phone with B-renda. I was at a bridal re-sale shop looking for a flower girl dress for her as a favor and when I didn't answer her fast enough because my mom was also talking to me, she snapped at me. You DO NOT get all snarky with me, hairy. If I didn't care about my mother as much as I do, I would have torn her a new one right then and there. Once this wedding is over though all bets are off....

Ahem... so you can see why I feel the need for anger management, no?

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