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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Bob the Retard's B-day

Sunday, May 15, 2005

So lastnight was alright! My brother Van only said one stupid comment, and so I let it pass and all was well. We picked up Lisa which means we had a wicked funny ride on the way back home. We were talking about one of the girls Lisa saw that she hadn't since for a couple years. Lisa said that she was really weird, and coming from Lisa you know the girl must be seriously messed up. Lisa said the girl said, "Lisa, I stuck my little finger up my cat's ass hole." and Lisa replied with, "Oh, poor kitty!" and she said that the girl then replied with, "I'm sorry God for doing that to Silvia!" to which Lisa said, "I think she needs help." Now imagine driving down the road listening to this conversation your parents are having with your older step-sister. If I laugh, then Lisa will forever say the words "Ass hole" in front of me, so I have to keep a somewhat straight face. I started rubbing my lips to hide my smile... because, I'm sorry... it was mudder-feekin' funny!! Oh man, there is NEVER a time Lisa's with us that I don't laugh. That girl is hilarious!

Bob didn't take his medication and so wasn't feeling well and went to bed.

My mom came busting into my room this morning, which really seems sort of odd given my age, and says, "Are you getting up?" Ugh. Church. I love Reverand Yost he's funny, don't get me wrong, and church for that matter... I just... can't stand some of the people in it.

I got up this morning dreading the day before it really even began. As I got ready all I could think about was how I'd have to avoid one of the ladies at church. She's one of those busy-body types who seems to have only one purpose in life.... and that's getting into EVERYone elses business.

I'm standing there waiting for this seriously slow elderly lady to fish my parents' names out of a list of letters they needed. The area the letters were in was a rather high traffic area, because it was directly across from Reverand Yost, as people were trying to get out of the main part of the church. So anyway, she holds up the entire line, including her husband who's holding some heavy dishes, behind her to ask me, "Are you working?" Ok, in what world is that her business? I pretended I didn't hear her and went back to watching the lady fish the letters out. So she says louder (as if the entire church waiting behind her can't already hear it) "Jenny...I'm talking to you! " I said, "Oh.... I wasn't sure." *sigh* and she says, "Where are you working?" So I laughed and pretended I was hard of hearing... she has to be used to that by now, right? Then she adds, "You're not working at that department store again, are you?" I'm like, "No." and so what if I was? What's wrong about working at a department store?

She FINALLY passes to the relief of EVERYONE in the church and the lady then finds my letter. I said, "Lets GO." to my mom and we headed out. I was SO angry. My mom tried to explain that Carol Arnold has always been like that, and I told her... she better not ask me again, or she won't like my answer.

Oh a MUCH brighter note, a mommy robin has made her nest in the bushes by our front door. We've stopped using it so she won't abandon her little eggies. There are three there, but I could only get a picture of two (after my mom scared the poor thing checking to see if the nest was there).

Baby robin pictures will follow once they hatch!

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