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Koi 'O' Rama

Saturday, May 07, 2005

You know, I've been trying to make my mom's day on Sunday a really really good one. She deserves a great mother's day. I put a LOT of thought into what gift to get her. Unfortunately her koi last year died because we turned the pump off too soon and the leaves falling made sort of a sludge the poor fish just couldn't survive in. I tried my best to get it cleaned up then, but it was a no go.

So, in a conversation with my mom I was talking about the pond and she said she was so sad that the fish had died. They were her friends. (Now I know where I get the whole giving animals feelings thing from.) She said it would be sad to look at the pond without any fish when they first came home.

I asked around and found a place that had little koi fish fairly cheap. I asked my brother when the pond would be fish-ready and he said it was already and that he could get it running in 10 minutes. So I told him I was getting my mom some koi, that I'd shopped around and these ones were fairly cheap and really nice looking.

So he says, "Get me some for her too."
I'm like... " *long pause* Ok." Dude... think up your OWN gift!
So he then adds, "Get me 35 of them." Umm.... 35!?
I said, "Dave, how are that many fish going to live in the pond? I'm giving her 10, so that's 45 fish."
He said, "Well 20 of them are just here until my pond at my house is cleaned right."

So whatever... I go to the store, which is in Strongsville (not close!) and buy ALL of their fish. They only had 36 left. So I get back and we put them in the pond. You can't even see the little buggers! They were 3 & 4"ers and they can just hide in there and stuff. Very cute when they're swimming in their little schools.

Anyway, I was pretty disguntled that I had gotten her a present and my brother then got more and claimed it as his own, ya know? I put a lot of thought into that. Get your own brain, and maybe an original thought, and come up with a gift of your own!

So anyway, I was walking around Costco looking at plants and stuff when I saw this big table of lilacs. I remembered my mom was talking about wanting lilacs because they smell SOO good and they look so pretty! So I picked one out (dark purple - her favorite) and brought it home. My brother wasn't due back for 2 days so I left it on the kitchen table and went to the movies. (All alone!) When I came back he was home. Grand. So he says, "Is that a lilac plant?" and I'm like, "Sure is!" and sighed.

Yesterday, he got her a rose plant. Mudder-feekin' arse!

You know, I'm glad he's getting her gifts, it's that thought that counts but my gosh! At least try to think on your own!

Am I spazzing over nothing?

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