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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Car Crash Craziness

Thursday, May 19, 2005

This morning I woke up and glanced at the clock. Ten to 9. My mom was due for her blood test this morning and she hadn't woken me up yet. I sprung out of bed and went down to see if the Jeep was in the driveway. Nope. I thought, she prolly had Bob go with her I know how much this blood test thing freaks her out. So I popped their bedroom door open a little and no... Bob was still there, snoring away.

So I ran upstairs, pulled on my clothes, grabbed my purse, sunglasses, and keys then ran up and got my cell and my jacket and back down to get in the car. I wanted to be there for her. I was on my cell with Keith, when all the sudden there's a little morning dove in the road, and she's walking too slow and not flying away! I slow down and the car behind me rams into the rear end of the poniac. Wonderful. I'm shaking like a leaf as I exchange information, and all I can think about is how this will ADD to my mom's stress!

The guy, named Glen, was actually pretty nice. He asked what happened and I said, "There was an animal in the road." He gives the indignant huff, and an eye roll, and goes back to his car. So we exchange info yadda yadda, and I get back on the road. The damage was pretty minor - it looks to my very unqualified eye as just some scratches or some such. Nothing hugely expensive I hope. Glen's insurance company called and said to take it to our usual auto place to be repaired and such and that they would call and make sure it was directly billed to them. That's kinda nice!

The rest of the day was a total drag, involving Bob over-reacting about things and being his usual grumpy mean self. Whatever!

On the plus side, I finally got some pictures taken to put in my room. They're of the flowers outside... if I can't smell them, atleast I'll be able to look at them, right? Pictures don't produce pollen!

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