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Sweet Freedom

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This Friday I will escape the restraints of my 24/7 life of helping my parents and trot off to Maryland to vacation with Keithy for eight blissful days.

I'm hoping my being gone for that long will renew their realization of just how much I do for them, and just how freakin' awesome of a daughter I am. Lately, I've been taken for granted and I'm highly, highly too tired to continue on without a little break. My mom's temper tantrums are only getting worse, and I feel more like I'm raising my parents instead of helping them out in a time of need. I mean, if I wanted to raise a child I'd have one. *snort* At this point I'm pretty sure it'd be close to the same thing.

ANYWAY, so I'm all set to leave... mentally. Lastnight, as my luck usually runs, I stepped on the heel of a kitten-heeled shoe that was face down, heel up, on the floor. The pain was horrendous, and I'm just hoping their was no horrible damage that's just waiting to spring up when I'm in Maryland. Meghan, it's all your fault because I was going to wear the shoes to Elek's baptism but didn't feel like battling the heat and spraining my ankle. So the sandles won out but the heels still hurt me in the end. Bastids.

So if you're feeling stressed, or blue, just think of me out there having fun and be jealous!

Also, I was fooling around in photoshop lastnight and decided since someone I know will likely be burned or blessed in the future by Brad at Blogg'd I thought I make some new buttons. Hopefully not taken as a "need attention" sort of thing, and instead taken as a kind gesture because.... that's who I am.

Shut up, yes I am.

Here's what they look like (reposted due to hotlinks having problems):

If you want to see the ones he uses, go check out Blogg'd. Also, if you'd like to use these, please host them yourself.

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