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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Oops! He did it again!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Oh yes that's right, my friends! My ex has struck again!

Duunnn duunnnnn duuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn!!

While most of you know about his skanky panty adventures, those of you who don't should probably read this. You know, just for some insight.

I recieved an instant message last week some time saying that he sent 2 MORE boxes, tracking numbers, etc. Atleast this time I didn't have to pay $300 to get them, and customs was in a good mood when I went to claim them, unlike last time. He decided that I already had my name changed and sent it to my maiden name. I'm sure he thought this would be a hassle, but my mother was all too happy to explain I was getting a divorce. Yes, air out my laundry for all, thank you mumsy! It actually made me laugh, along with the shipping guy, customs, etc etc etc. Not to mention, my aforementioned baby face. Customs was putty in my hands. So ha! Neener-neener-neener.

I couldn't wait to see what presents I'd gotten this time. A bra to match the skanky panties? Or perhaps a garter belt? I could barely contain my excitement.... no really. I hauled the boxes into the living room, together they weighed 60-something lbs.

As I ripped open the first box I glanced in and sighed a happy sigh. It was full of shoes. All shoes! Sandals, tennis shoes, heals, ... atleast 2 dozen pairs. That's right, folks, I love shoes. Meghan, you understand. My mother was equally overjoyed until she realized I'm 2 sizes smaller than her... and then she was bummed. Infact, I would have likely missed opening the other box because I was so interested in trying on all my shoes again. Where it not for my mother, I wouldn't have this woooonderful post to write! Alright, alright... I'm getting to it!

Here we have it, ladies and gentlemen, the wet/dry razors perfered by the skanky everywhere! I have never been a fan of the electric razor. It doesn't shave as closely as a razor, so I've never gotten one. Yet... some how this one was sent to me. I can only imagine how Colin's new skank is feeling. First her favorite panties, and now her cheap skank razor.

It's funny how I don't remember him being this stupid. I was in some serious denial.

I think perhaps I need to email the dreaded ex just to see what his reply would be when I tell him about the panties and razor. Hrmm... I'll keep you updated.

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