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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I woke up today, glanced at my clock, and turned instantly grumpy. It was 9am and I knew Rob wanted to be picked up at that time. I slinked downstairs and ran into my brother David. "Where's Mom?" He says, "Oh, she just left to pick up Rob from his hotel." Which just makes me even more grumpy because there's no chance I'm showering while he's in the house. I sigh and start to make tea when I hear my mom's voice, "Hello?" as she comes in. Dangit! I'm still in my pajamas and now Rob is in the kitchen gauking at me. I keep my back to him and sigh. I slink out as quickly as possible and run up the stairs, feeling pretty secure in my own room.

I'm reading blogs, with one leg proped up on my desk, and suddenly I can feels eyes on me again. I shiver and turn to see Rob standing there at the top of the stairs watching me. Just standing there watching! I swear the word "heebie-geebie" can't even come near the feeling I got just then. I got up and walked to the door, scowled, and shut it. Perv. I quickly got dressed, it was nearing the time I had to go with my brother Van to supervise him with his kids for his visitation with them. And happily, when I open my door no one is even in the house anymore.

A few minutes alone and then out with Van to see my nephews Chris and Brandon, whom I haven't seen for about...geez...maybe 4-5 years? I'm not sure but a while. Van himself hasn't been able to see them for atleast 2 years. So we were both pretty anxious. They arrived with his ex and ran to my brother to hug him with my hugs coming next. Chris is nearly as tall as Van is, and likely just as wide. The boy is large! Brandon's little cherib face isn't all little and baby-like anymore, but he's still a real cutie with big dimples. We had a good time, and I tried to give Van his space to be with the boys alone, but one or the other kept asking me about what I'd been up to so I really couldn't. All in all, it was a really good time. Both of them are real jokesters like their dad.

Chris laughing at Brandon's Britney Spears impression.

I came home to my parents and Rob waiting for me. As I showed my mom the pictures I took Rob loomed behind me. So when I was finished I walked out of the kitchen, with him hot on my heels. As I walked up the stairs he followed me to the first step and watched me go up them. Dude... keep your crazy son away from me, Bob, geez! Is all I kept thinking. Though Bob doesn't see anything wrong with him. Not in the way he chews his food like a dog would chew something, or how he just blankly stares at everyone, or how he goes into this pacing/itching fit whenever he's uncomfortable with the amount of people around. Yeah, he's a loon. When we dropped him off at his hotel for the night I came home and antibacterialized the furniture he sat in. Mudder-feekin' kooties aren't getting on me!

Tomorrow is another 6 hour car ride, but atleast one of my problems will be faaaar away. Thank goodness. My reward is a pair of shoes from the outlet mall we pass coming home.

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