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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In my last post I mentioned being locked out of the house, well that's a pretty messed up story so since my mind is on random I thought I'd tell it.

The wednesday before Thanksgiving I got a call from my mom and when ever I mentioned anyone in the family she would say something like, "Yeah, well... I'm too pissed to care. I'm really hating people right now." Assuming I didn't belong in the people she hated category I asked what was up. She said that Bob had been on the phone with his demented son Rob and she caught him saying something along the lines of "Yeah...mmhmm....I don't see that being a problem, Rob." and asked him what he was agreeing to. Since Rob had decided he needed to move again (thank God because now he won't be close by) my mom was afraid Bob was sending him more money.

On a side note I should mention that Rob has told my brother David that he's waiting for Bob to die so that he gets the money he'll inherit.

Anyway, it seems Rob had it in his head that he was going to stay HERE in this house while he was in between cities. I never thought I'd be so happy to be sick in my entire life! My mom (the quick thinker) told Bob that it was impossible because I was way too sick to have anyone in the house. Rob countered that by saying he'd only be in their bedroom and wouldn't be bothering me. Bob thought that wasn't a bad plan until my mom scowled at him and he explained to Rob that he couldn't stay here because I was so sick. Could you imagine? Me alone in the house with Rob? I feel sick just thinking of it. So on to how I got locked out... I was told that once Rob dropped off some things that he wasn't able to take with him down on the bus I was suppose to take the bug spray and make sure all the crap he put in the garage was completely soaken with it. I felt guilty doing it until a bug crawled out mid-spraying.... and then I soaked everything until it was dripping. As I got chilly I made my way back into the house....only the door was locked. I called my brother who had just left and got his voicemail right away. I called my mom, then I called David again, then my brother Van who has a key to the house. Yep, I'm an idiot. I got back in half an hour later.

On another note I bought some lighted candy canes to add to my decorations this year and suddenly the people across the street have some! Those jerks will pay for copying me before I could get my decorations outside. No holiday cookies for them.

I'm making a ton of cookies and stuff this year so I was wondering, does anyone have a favorite cookie they'd like to share with me? Let me know what it is so I can build my cookie list up!

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