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Monday, September 20, 2004

Alright, I know I haven't written in a while. But you see... I have written! I wrote an extremely long post and then it went away! I couldn't get it back, so I grumpily refused to post for a while. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, so... since the last time I posted a lot has happened. A lot.

On Sept 3rd, Colin shows up on the door step of my parent's house, bags in hand. I was upstairs on the phone and my mom knocks and says, "Look down the stairs." so I walk out and look and there he is. Standing there like a dumby (yes, I could have used much more colorful words to describe him, but I'm better than that.... most of the time.) and it's already close to midnight. I'm fuming mad, I get off the phone and go down to ask him why he was here.... and why hadn't he told me he was coming. He said he knew if he told me I'd say no. Umm yeah, cause that's my right! Sept. 3rd was a thursday and he announces he's staying until tuesday. Well, I informed him that he's not staying at my parent's house. No room at the inn!

My parents were highly uncomfortable. My brother David, sensing this, decides to be all chummy with Colin. I was like... this is it. This is a true test of self control. My brother and Colin in the same room together. Wonderful! David says, dripping with sweetness, "Lets do something FUN while you're here." and Colin says, "Yeah, I'd like that." and I thought to myself, "Yes, boys... do... both of you leave and have a great time." Then he asks, just as sweetly, "How long are you staying for?" he says, "Till tuesday?" to which my brother replies, "Tuesday? Really? You should stay longer! That's hardly a vacation!" Right after I ushered Colin out the door to his awaiting ride, Ryan.

Well, I didn't see Colin on Friday...or ANY of the days he asked to see me. I thought at first that I wasn't going to at all. But something in me said if I did, and he got out what he needed to then maybe he could move on. So I saw him on Sunday. I had to go out because my brother Van was over, and he was fuming mad about the whole situation. Colin informs me that he's staying until the following Saturday. Wonderful... and so the migraine began.

Any time I would say that I was busy, didn't want to see him, he would just show up. He continually pounded me with, "I've changed." over and over. So, showing up unannounced, and expecting to stay the night, then showing up during the visit when ever he wanted was showing me....change? Right. Gotcha. No matter how many times I tell this knucklehead, he just doesn't seem to get it.

Great, you've changed. Guess what? Too late. You told my mother you "weren't sure you wanted to be married" after the fact. Umm...*knock knock*... you never acted married, loser. And in the beginning I thought, you know... that's Colin, I'm not the type to change something for the sake of changing. He was the person he'd always been. But, when he started talking to other girls on the phone, on the internet, cheating, etc etc... NEVER wore his wedding ring... how much of that was I suppose to take before I couldn't anymore?

Anyway, I've gotten off on a tangent! I've never been so stressed in all my life. Never. It was like, big exam day, forgot to do your homework, late for work, gonna throw up, hair falling out kinda stress.

More updates to come! Gimme time! :)

P.S. To whomever is spamming my shout box with porn links - - your IP addy is recorded, dummy.

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