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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Saturn, Mercury, & Venus updated!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Facing WNW - on June 7th, at about 30-40 minutes after sunset we'll have a sliver of a moon with Venus directly to the left of it. Up a little further and to the left you might see Saturn! If you have a clear, unabstructed view of the horizon, like over water, you might be able to see Mercury making it's appearance.

Same time, same direction, on June 8th the cresent moon will be easier to find because it will have moved up above Venus. It'll also be slightly larger and according to Jack Stargazer guy, breath-taking.

Same time & direction on June 9th the cresent moon will be parked right along side Saturn.

Now... towards the end of the month on June 24 (same time and direction) Saturn will move way down, and Mercury will move way up in the heavens and be so close together that you should be able to hide them with your little finger at arms length!

Then, for the next 7 nights Mercury and Venus will be less then 1 degree apart from each other. Mercury & Venus will get closer to one another and Saturn will drift further away.

Now for the really kewl night.

On the 27th (same time & direction) Venus and Mercury will be so close they may appear to look like one star! They won't be this close again until the year 2070! If you have a pair of binoculars, Jack suggests you use them.

And now my good deed for the day is done, enjoy the sky!

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