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Monday, June 27, 2005

As some of you know, I'm in the final (hopefully) stages of a divorce. My ex, Colin, cheated on me some time ago (2 years ago) and I wasn't able to move past it and forgive him. It could have been the whole he wasn't sorry thing, but... yeah, I digress.

He sent me packages in April while I was in Florida visiting with my parents. Though he only mentioned this to me AFTER the fact, and I ended up paying $300 to get things I've lived without for a year. Now, I know I mentioned in my last post that I'm not a bitter person, but that crap made me bitter. Spending that kind of cash on clothes that I haven't even thought about for a year... yeah, ANYWAY! I put them in the garage and decided I'd go through them when I had the chance. Well, it's been quite a while and in my monthly email to the loser and his parents (since he can't handle anything by himself) I had mentioned while he was being so generous and sending clothes I could care less about, would he send my baby pictures, dvds, ... and I listed a few other things.

Well, I hadn't gotten a response back yet and the federation for the blind had called saying they were going to be in the area. I thought about just not opening the packages, but I gave in, dusted off the spiders and cigarette (thanks dave)/garage dust and brought them in one-by-one and sorted out what I would keep, give away, and throw away. I was in the last box and pulling out clothes when a bright peice of fabric caught my eye.

"What the?" I said as I pulled them out of the box with my index finger and thumb. Now, before you get that silly grin on your face like I'm showing you my panties, stop. These whoreish abominations are not mine. While I'm most assuredly a very feminine girl, a pair of fire engine red panties would not be something that my classic tastes would aim for. The only thing I can think of, considering his scrape everything into a box method of packing, was that he accidently scraped some other girl's panties into the box. Pardon me while I chortle... but my gosh, what an idiot!

Now, you might think, "Why is she blogging about this?" and I'd agree if it weren't for the email I recieved this evening. It's just toooo perfect that I couldn't bare to keep it to myself!

Colin "the Martyr" wrote:

Hi Jenny,

Didn't you get your DvD's with the clothes that I sent? I stuck them in the tall, skinnier box, I believe somewhere in the middle. I am sorry I have been procrastinating on sending your other things. I will do it this week. I will send you an IM with the tracking codes and whatnot. Please check the box of older clothes for your DvD's to make sure I didn't send them because I don't have those here anymore.

I know you're passed all the difficulties in this situation and you are in the process of moving on. However, its still hard for me to let go of thinking about you and wishing and hoping there was still a chance we could salvage something. I meant what I said when I told you that no matter what happened between us I would always be here for you and even if you don't want it I will always care for you. Wether you believe this or not is up to you. That is the reason it has been taking long with sending your personal affects. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for this.

I hope things are going well with you. Wish your brother well at his wedding, and say hi to your Mom and Bob for me.


I've made my favorite part of this letter the same color as the whore's panties. Do you believe me now when I say my life is a freakin' circus? I'm tellin' you... this could only happen to me! Well... or maybe my sweetie Keith, he has some good ones too.

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