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Friday, November 11, 2005

This was sent via email from Meghan, my partner in crime.


So, I've been thinking of changing my blog look again. It just amazes me that if I do the template I've been working on then I'll have yet another blonde chick as my blogger pic. The only conclusion I can come up with is that I've got blonde envy or some such. Come to think of it... I can't really think of any close friends or anyone I hang out with that's blonde. Weird.

I leave again for Maryland on Sunday. Looking after my brother and nephew while my parents aren't here is just as frustrating as looking after my parents. When my mom calls I suggest she talk with David about his leaving the window open every night and turning on a heater, ruining the curtains and making the front of the house look all ghetto-fab, walking on my freshly washed floors with tar covered shoes, and painting in the garage. What was her reply? "Should I call you tomorrow? Or tonight?"

"......... "

"Uhh.. tomorrow." Because I want to shake you really hard right now and I can't reach you through the phone. Way to give a crap, mumsy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part. David is asking me about Keith and REALLY talking up how much he REAAAALLLY likes him. Like I don't see through his crap. Pshh. Keith is really great, but when David makes any polite/nice comments... it's because he's buttering me up for something. So he says, commenting on how we flew in together saturday and how Keith flew out on sunday, "So, he just came out to drop you off?" I said, "Well yeah, kinda like that." He says, "Ooo... he likes you." I said, "He more than likes me." To which he starts with, "Where's the ring?" So I just give him an eye roll. He says, "You know there's someone that'll foot the bill, don't you?" I'm like, "What? Who?"

This is where I really feel the love... and the anger.

Then ask, "You? Not Derek (my nephew)...Van?" He says no to all of those then says, "Bob told me he'd just write a blank check if he'd take you away." I laugh to mask my intense anger building up, I can't let David know when he's gotten to me. So dear old old old old Bob said he'd foot the bill? No problem with that, oh slow witted one, having your florida condo on my finger would be quite rewarding. When I bring it up with my mom she quickly changes the subject. So this is the thanks I get? Vacation time!

Hellllllllllooooooo Keithy!

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