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Monday, November 07, 2005

This Saturday was pretty eventful. With the week behind us, Keith and I flew back to my house to help Meghan (my bud from too far back) make t-shirts for her husband's homecoming from Iraq. They turned out WAY better than I thought they would... which means they were perfect.

Meghan found a kewl font and we took a few pictures and decided on one of Brian's dog tags and the American flag. You can't get much more patriotic than that, now can you? Hopefully everyone likes the shirts, and since I did the design work (with everyone pitching in on how things should look) I gave Meghan full permission to say to anyone that doesn't like them, that I did it. I can deal with the dislike.

So here's the front..

And here's the back..

They're a better yellow than the pictures, but you get the idea. Hopefully I'm not spoiling some surprise by showing them.

So on to the funnier crap! We were running out of ink and Meghan and I ran up to Office Max.

On the way Meghan says, "Hey, wanna take a Cobbledick sign?"
I look at her and shrug, "I donno... you wanna?"
She laughs and says, "Lets do it on the way up to Office Max."
I'm like, "No... then we'll be driving by the scene of the crime again!"
She says, "But going this way is much better... we're on the right side." So since I get a chicken-like she says, "Ok, at this red light you switch to the driver seat and I'll get the sign."
She hops in the back seat and I take off, putting on the hazards so the cars behind us go around. We get all ready and then we can't find it! "I thought it was here."
She agrees. "Yeah, I thought it was too.." So I keep driving and then we spot it.
"There it is!" and I stop the car. She hops out, trudges through the leaves piled up on the tree lawn, runs into the yard and has to give the sign 3 big tugs before it finally comes out.
By now cars are passing by and I'm trying to hide my face. She runs back to the car and just as she's about to get in, she slips and falls a little.

We got the sign though!

And you guys thought I was kidding about this guy running. Ha!

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