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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Last Saturday I did something that surprised even me.

My brother David and my nephew had spent the night and had left late morning/early afternoon for work, locking the front bedroom door. This normally doesn't phase me in the least, but about 20 minutes after they left I could hear the cat crying from inside. I called his cell and explained, it's a rule in this house, if you have a locked door you leave behind a key (even if it's hidden) for any emergency.

He says, "We'll stop by the house on our way home." I said, "Oh, you're on your way?" He says, "Nah.. she'll have to be locked up for a couple hours." This did not please me, as I could hear the cat getting more and more anxious. "David..." He said, "She'll be fine." I hung up angry and called my parents in Florida for the permission to use my special key called a hammer, but there wasn't any answer. I thought about climbing in the window (which was partially open), had the ladder set up, and remembered I'm afraid of heights.

As the minutes ticked by and the cat continued to cry, I thought... how hard could getting in the door really be? My brother isn't smart and he does it all the time. So I looked at the door, got a few tools and went to work. It was surprisingly easy to do, and I got the cat out without any problems. He got home SIX HOURS later to "rescue" the cat that was happily sleeping in my lap.

He comes downstairs after running up when I casually said, "Oh, I got her out." out of breath. "Where's my scanner?" I looked at him like he had a third eye. "I have no idea." I did, though. He had taken it from my room while I was in Baltimore, doing the same thing I did to break into his room. He's clearly angry, especially at my being calm. Sweet, sweet justice. He says, "Oh, you're saying Derek took it?" I said, "No." The conversation escaladed, and we both went to our respective corners to call our intermediary, my mother.

Unfortunately for him, she called me first and I told her everything that happened. She was equally pissed and got off the phone with me to yell at him. He said, "I can't believe you're talking to me like this." and apparently she was so angry she was slamming her fists as she spoke to him. I donno if she was telling me for my benefit, but bravo. It's about freakin' time.

Soo... while I was in the shower I decided he needed something special for being such a jacka$$ and peed in his shampoo. Which is quite difficult for a girl!

...oh yeah, ... and his soap.

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