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Chickery Chick

Monday, June 19, 2006

Tonight I was a bit leery about venturing out to do the grilling for dinner, but I thought...meh... it's just thunder, I'll make it. So I headed out, lit the grill, and suddenly there was something to my right that caught my eye. We have a bird house about 2 feet from the grill and it had 2-3 baby birds in there but they were getting pretty big and loud so we knew they'd be pushed out of the nest pretty soon. I saw a little baby really struggling to get out of the nest and thought, wow...mommy bird is moving her babies out in this weather? Tough lady! So, I went over and knocked on the window of the sliding glass door to tell my mom to come out and see.

She said, "I don't think it's trying to get out, I think it ventured out too far and it can't get back in." I watched it for a minute and decided to go over and see if I couldn't help the little lady out. I put my hand up and she immediately calmed down because it was just soooo darn tired from trying to get out that it didn't have the energy to be upset. She just stayed in my hand, eyes starting to close. She was just all tuckered out, the poor thing.

So, I took the birdhouse off it's pole and opened up the top flap so I could see better at what was going on. It seems she got all tangled in the nest and there was no getting her free. I snipped her out with a pair of scissors and couldn't let her go because her little wing had gotten bloodied in the struggle. So, because it was starting to rain now and lightening, I put her back in the nest to rest and she immediately settled in and looked pretty happy from what I could tell.

I did get a picture of her, though... just incase she makes her way out tomorrow to find her mom.

Chickery Chick and my hand (and my dog with her stuffed baby in the background)

Oh yeah, I named her Chickery Chick because I name all the birds I save that. It's from a song I made up when I was little, yeah I know, I'm wierd. Oh, and before I forget, actually touching a bird like this won't make her parents reject her because common birds like sparrows can't smell human on their babies. It's eagles and stuff that won't touch their babies..... just so ya know!

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