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The Verdict

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today the verdict came in, as promised by Dave. If you'd like to read it, go here. You will most assuredly laugh, I promise.

The picture below sums it up.

My thoughts on it:

Malfouka: Bunny writes incessantly about being stoned on allergy medication. Perhaps this explains the bizarre cartoon woman she uses on her header. I don’t understand why women are so drawn to this "sexy cartoon" crap. Is it a pathetic attempt to convince the reader that this is an actual representation of the blogger? WBO mathematicians have been working feverishly on this matter and now theorize that the sexiness of the cartoon woman in relation to the blog author can be expressed as an inverse proportion: when x (sexiness of cartoon) increases, y (actual sexiness of blogger) will decrease.

Dude, allergy medication totally rocks.

I also agree with Malfouka on this. Though I've found that on top of the pretty anime chick, if the user name is anything like "sexygrrl" or "hottie" that the person is the exact opposite as well. Also, I will concede that I look nothing like my anime chick... but I also post my picture up on my blog in my flickr thingy, so if you look you'd know... I'm not pretty or beautiful, but children haven't run away crying when I pass by... that has to be a plus, right?

Evil Minx: No. Just plain no. Don't tell me that Keith likes being called "Keithy." I don't believe you. Stop it Bunny. Stop it now.

I started calling my Keith by "Keithy" because I also have a brother named Keith. I do not call him Keithy at all when we're together, I'm way more creative than that. My family calls Keith "RayRay" (which is a story in itself I will spare you with even though it's funny) and my brother Kdawg. I refuse to call him Keith on my blog and have some passer-by or one of my friends think I'm referring to my brother Keith. That's just.......

alcoholic poet: I kinda suspect that Keithy isn't so much her boyfriend as he is her captive. I can picture her sitting in bed petting her dog while Keithy sits coiled in ropes beside her. Whimpering through a ball gag . A tiny tear in the corner of his eye. This chick would slit an infant's throat if she thought it might come between her and her Keithy. That's HER boyfriend everybody! He belongs to HER. She'll show you the receipt!

That made me laugh really hard.

Brad: Although it’s always sweet to read about blossoming young love, Bunnies frequency of posts about Keith border on obsessive. In the case of an eventual break-up, the poor boy will likely need to seek a restraining order. The red panty post was somewhat interesting in that it did provide some insight into Bunny. Judging from her general disdain for this type of undergarment I can only assume that Bunny loves to wear white granny-panties from Sears.

This one did too. Much love for Brad, he can always make me laugh. The part on my unborn godson's name pronunciation is hilarious too. I loved the "(ree-tard)" part.

Evil Minx: Well smack my ass and call me Judy. (Seriously. Smack me, and call me Judy. I won't reply, because my name isn't Judy, but you can smack my ass if you'd like.) I really liked this blog. She has a nicely manageable blogroll -- indicating that this person has a blog but also has a life. She doesn't go overboard--she doesn't feel that she has to show that she keeps up with every single cool and sexy blog association. Moderation and quiet confidence is the air that greets you at Bunny's Babblings. It was kinda nice. I especially liked her "Worn Out" post. The tongue-in-cheek and sassy attitude that she displays wins it for me.

Thanks, Evil Minx.

Adam: On the forum for this particular episode, Bunny wrote, "My life is interesting enough... to blog about what happens in it." With that one sentence she has summed up the worldwide tragedy that is blogging. No, your life really isn't that interesting.

I did say that, didn't I? Well, I do believe I meant interesting enough (to me) NOT to blog about news, but your section made me laugh too, Adam, so I forgive your out of contextiness (yes I made the word up).

Malfouka: It’s like she’s in 8th grade and writing “Jen + Keith 4-eva” all over her notebook.

You're so funny, Mal! I got a giggle out of this part. I have written him notes all over his house with hearts in 'em because I'm cheesy (and immature, prolly) like that. But I'm more of a pratice signing my name as if we were married already kinda girl.

Brad: ...Bunny makes no such promise, but it is very likely she would spend her time making buttons, something the blogverse needs less of.

I'm gonna make you some more buttons, Dave, these will not due.

Dave: ...They're rocket-powered shards of adamantium dipped in evil sauce.

That reminds me, I'm running out of evil sauce... I'll have to add it to the grocery list.

In other words...

...until 6/3/2006 from writing in this blog. However, I will bring my stank over to Keithy's blog Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze. Aww... how cute are we? We're gonna be blogging in the same blog now.

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