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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Exhaustion Setting In...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm truely sorry for all the craptastic posts lately... I've lost all my energy to do anything, let alone be witty.

For the past three days I've had a list of things to do as long as my arm, and every day I've gotten them done in a timely fashion... but day two I was running on fumes soI have no idea how I got through today.

First it was power washing the deck. The power washer was easy enough to get the hang of... after two passes on the deck it was stripped of 2 years of crap. Go me. Yesterday I spent the better part of my morning refinishing the deck. Thank goodness for those poles you screw into paint rollers or not just my feet would be screaming. My knees definately appreciated it. Then it was shopping for this and shopping for that, errands for mom, errands for Bob.

Oh yes, Bob. My step-father used to be ...hmm... atleast a somewhat pleasant person to be around, though he and I have never had a really terrific relationship. When I think about it all I can think about is how very little we ever really talked. Not that he ignores me, but by the time he and my mom dated and married Bob was pretty much set in his ways (considering he's 12 yrs older) and he has never been able to just talk about nothing. He either is telling a stupid story, or blathering about his health. He can't vary off that because he doesn't know how to be social. Seriously, he doesn't know how. Now with his memory failing he's just a grumpy, mean spirited man.... with the dagger looks usually pointed in my direction.

So the day before yesterday I go out and buy him a chocolate bar because he asked for one and I was headed out anyway. I decided to play a little game with him to lighten the mood around the house. I showed him the regular sized bar, and then I showed him a HUGE chocolate bar (1/2 lbs). I said, showing the smaller one, "This bar is what you get for the way you treat me now." an then I showed him the bigger one and said, "This is the one you get if you treat me nicely." and he said, "But I can get the little one no matter what?" I said, "No, you still have to be nice to me." He said, "Fine." all grumpily. So I rolled my eyes and put both bars in the kitchen because dinner was being made anyway. Yesterday the candy bar gets brought up, "Am I still getting the big bar?" I said, "If you're nice to me, sure." He said, "I don't want it then." At this point when he says things like that I'm really not phased. Since last year my walls are a little more built up where Bob is concerned. "Is it sooooooo hard to be nice to me, Bob?" I asked. He said, "I'm nice all the time." and crossed his arms. "Well, not to me." My mom tried jumping to my aid, but I was done with the whole conversation and left the room... I had things to do anyway.

So after a day of hellatious cleaning, and refinishing, etc, all I want to do is take a nice soak in the tub which I'd just freashly washed. I went down to make myself a nice cup of tea and before I could get back upstairs Bob was in the bathroom. Now, I understand he needs baths to ease himself to sleep (especially because I hear him snoring in the tub), but my gosh that was so rude. I filled my little foot bath thing up and sulked as it bubbled. I didn't have the energy to wash the tub again and I was NOT getting in a tub that old man stewed himself in. My naked bum does not touch where his has been. Hold on.... gagging...

Ok.. I think I'm alright. So today I'm just exhausted. I nearly gave the entire neighborhood a wet t-shirt show while power washing. It seems the hose has a little leak and leaks tend to travel... and this one travelled right down my arm to my armpit and soaked me completely by the time I was through. Wearing a pale pink shirt and getting soaked... I may as well have just worn white. And I had the gardeners here redoing the pond out back so I had to make a dash inside before I REALLY embarrassed myself.

Yup, so that's my boring little recap with no pictures. Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of my finsihed projects and post them with an update.


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