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Saturday, June 17, 2006

This is how I've been feeling lately (only less pretty, and thin, and cute but that's beside the point) and I have to say it's wearing me out. My mom has a disease I like to call "spazztasticitis" which has completely taken over her being. What is it, you ask? Well dumby, it's when someone has the spazzi in them. In other words, my mother will not sit down and just... relax! And when she's moving, I have to move. Don't get me wrong, it's my job to be here for her, I want to be because she needs me, but I would like some Jenny time. I looooove alone time. My mother, on the other hand would like someone talking to her and being with her at all times. She needs company to be happy. Maybe someday I'll feel like that too, but when I hear my name called 20-30 times a day to fix something, move something, etc etc... I just want some me time at night.

I haven't seen Keith since April (which is sadness because he's my sanity touch-point), I haven't spent a day doing me things since about the same time, and I think I know now why people actually go bald or perhaps thow themselves off tall buildings.

My birthday present was a 20" TV that is now sitting in my room in a huge box. I got it early because it was on sale today... and now I have to have this HUGE box in my mini room unopened until my birthday. I have to say, it's getting pretty crowded in here.

Tomorrow I'll show pics of the new pond out back.

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