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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

For a while now I've been my family's tech support when it comes to computers. It's not something that I really minded at first, infact I remember feeling so good about helping them out, but when I'm sitting in a flea infested apartment and the thermostat is set to sub-zero it starts to become less enjoyable and more craptastic.

Yesterday my mom wanted to know about something, I forget what, and wanted to get the information by telling me to call B-renda and have me go over and look at her computer. At this stage in my life I feel a little like a mindless drone, because I did just that. Whatever mom mind trick she used was good. So evening time yesterday we headed over there so my mom could talk to her and I could look at the stupid computer. I thought, stupidly, this will be a peice of cake. She's totally computer stupid so her problem is probably something so simple I can just pop in and pop out.

3 hours later... I gave up and went home promising to come over tomorrow.. which leads me to today.

Her computer has some messed-uppedness going on that my knowledge was strained, and I know my way around a computer. I tried everything I could think of and still nothing was changing. That loser that "fixed" her computer before sure fixed it good. And when I ask her things like, "Who is your DSL provider?" I got answers like, "I ..... donno." How can you not know who you pay every month, for heaven sake? So I installed Firefox as a "solution" to a problem I likely made worse and then proceeded to try to nudge my parents out of there. My eyes were slowly swelling shut as she lit more and more smelly candles, and my sneezing increased. At one point I remember pinching my mom and mouthing "Leaving now." to which she said, "In a minute."

40 minutes later I started packing them up myself. My eyes felt like a million eyelashes were in them and they itched like you wouldn't believe. We get to the door and B-renda is still talking. The little area in front of their door is kind of smallish and through my congestion I smelled her stanky breath. A cat must have crawled in there, pooped, and then died somewhere between her teeth because it was rank. It's something my mom and I have noticed before, but I think a new cat was lured in by the old smelly breath and then got trapped and died in there too because it was quite horrific.

So horrific that I've created a little image of what it was like for your enjoyment (please note her chin stubble!).


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