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Creepy McCreeperson

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today started out like most normal days, nothin' too taxing, ran a few errands, and my mom and I were sitting out on the deck eating lunch when the phone rang. I glanced at caller ID and when I saw "pay phone" I knew who it was right away. Rob. He's Bob's son, and the creepiest thing on this planet. I mean just sitting here I get the heeby-geebies and need a shower I'm so disgusted.

Short story of our past: My mom and Bob were married not all that long, and we'd just moved into this house. I'd only met Rob once at their wedding, but not since, and I didn't interact with him a lot there. So I was likely around 16-17ish when all this occured. So, he comes to the house for a visit... I think it was some holiday... and he stayed in the guest bedroom. During that time the entire upstairs was basically mine. My bathroom, my bedroom, and the guest bedroom where the only rooms upstairs and no one really came up here ... unless there was company like when Rob visted, etc. Well, I used to keep my bathrobe in the bathroom on a hook to use when I got out of the shower. So, day one of Rob's visit I notice that my bathrobe tie is missing. I don't really think anything of it at all, and go about my business. The next day as I'm headed downstairs I happen to glance over and notice my tie in the guest bedroom all coiled up. Hrm? I pop in and grab it, stick it through the loops of my robe, and go back downtairs. That night, *poof* no bathrobe tie. Now I'm suspicious. I glance in to find it coiled in the guest bedroom again, but this time I leave it. I don't want to know what he did with it, nope...nope I don't.

My mom promised me long ago that I'd never again have to deal with the discomfort of Rob staying at the house. He pee'd with the door open, he dressed with the door open, and I was a young innocent girl. She wanted him no where near me, thank God.

So today, the phone rings and my mom goes in to listen but I put the phone on mute (like my mom and I always do when Rob calls) and listen from the deck. Rob says, "I'll be there kind of late, do you mind if I stay there for the night?" I get up and call in the house, "Mom...?" but she doesn't hear me because Bob is already asking her and putting her on the spot. "Would you mind if Rob stayed?" She sounds like she doesn't know what to do and says, "Ummm...sure." And I scream at the phone, "Nooooooooo!!" but obviously no one can hear me. When she ventures out I say, "Mom...." and I'm honestly baffled, "...what the f*ck?" the word just came rolling out. She laughed and said, "There wasn't anything I could do."

Even though I think he's a crazy nut job and probably a molester or worse, I have to admit that she was backed into a corner and had no choice but to accept. I'll be getting pictures of the little snake in the grass and I'll be sure to post them for all to enjoy.

Door's locked. Chair is placed in front of it. I think I'll be ok.

*snuffle* Night, all.

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