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Meghan and her Boys

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I finally made it out to Meghan & Brian's today to visit everyone and see the newest addition, Adler. The driving part is sucky, but really not all that long if you have some good music and someone to gab to on the way down. According to yahoo, it's about 2hrs and 50mins if you're a grandma and do the speed limit. Contrary to what my boring writing skills and stories might portray, I...uhh..."keep up with traffic" (if traffic is going at least 5-10mph over the speed limit).

I made a stop at the middle point rest stop (the last one before you have to hold it or pee yourself) from Blahzvillage to TooFarAwayville on the way back and noticed an abnormal amount of odd looking people today. I think this is a bad omen of some sort, but I haven't determined why, or what kind of badness it could be, yet.

Anyway, I made it there and back in one peice and took several pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

No, he's not growling, he's showing me what noise a pig makes.

Elek giving Adler a kiss.

Meghan's guys.

The newest snugglebug.

Feel free to coo, I understand.

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