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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well, I wrote to my ex Colin to see what the heck was up, I really want my stuff signed, sealed, and delivered... like... yesterday and got a "Look.." blah blah blah email the last time I threatened him. This time he ran to his new girlfriend when I was mean.

So I was checking to see if he read my latest email to see if he was ignoring me or just not reading his emails when I stumbled acrossed the latest in lovey-dovey emails from his newest fling. Just as a little catch me up, they met on Lavalife or something like that and she emailed him pictures... of her (or some other chick I don't know) with another guy. It's hard to say, but whoever it was the girl had a pig face. (Kinda made me question my looks if it was her!) Anyway, when she sends something I'm sure is her I'll be posting it here... with zee love and zee laughs.

So anyway, this latest email made me laugh as my honey read it aloud to me, and I thought I'd copy and paste the little devil here for all to enjoy. So please do!

The best part is in blue... blue for sadness.... hahahahaha *choke snort cough*

hey hey hey...

i dont know if i needed you there to 'throw down' for me but would have felt alot safer being with you..would have been laughing alot more too ;)

you worked again...i thought you got the day off...that sucks colin...darn could have talked to you in your drunken state...hee hee...easier getting things out of you...

havent heard much about ryan i dont think from you...partner in crime eh...that doesnt sound like a good influence ;) glad you had fun though..

hmmm falling asleep on the couch doesnt sound too comfortable, unless of course you are all cuddled up :) glad i was in your thoughts when you woke up...though you were begging me to devulge sex talk so you could have been horny...hee hee....

i miss you lots too, and i always have fun with you...just enjoy talking on the phone with you even..i love when you make me laugh, my tummy always hurts....i am very happy being with you....holding your hand...kissing is all great fun...the game was better start thinking about all that deeply since your four weeks is almost up ;P i dont think the horniness makes you say that you misss me...horniness would make you say ALOT different things...hee hee..

i know you would never use it against me i was just teasing you...though here is a teaser for you...bought a new bra you might see one day...very nice ;) matching g-string too...and a little something something for one day too ;)

you ex is sending you nasty emails because it is xmas and she is lonely...that is why my exes keep contacting me...something about christmas and relationships and stuff...makes people want to be in love and stuff...sharing the times together...

you are actually VERY lucky you didnt have to pay alimony (heck yeah he is)...though you were not making good money when you seperated i assume and that is what it would be based on...and the fact she wasnt staying home looking after kids and stuff might have had an lawyer told me to go after it...i just wanted it all she is getting pretty nasty sounds like, you sure are being a sweet guy and the bigger person by not giving in to her..kinda have to feel really sorry for her...though i sure feel lucky!! hee hee..glad the time has passed for her to dispute it all and it will all be done with for you...that closure will be good for u.

i'll ask the parents about the name thing....lots of crazy stories like that in this small town..why would she totally change her name...kinda weird..dick Dick Toews ever date a lady from Summerland? hit on twice at the pub....i think the whole being into hockey surprises guys...and i got hit on twice at the club...i think it is adorable you are protectitive though...hard to be so far away!!! hee hee...moving in on a girl you like..hmmmm....i guess it is a good thing you are emailing her then letting her know you are thinking about her...besides people always get hit on more when you are seeing someone...i think because you are more easy going and don't care what guys think...anyway i just tend to find that..

christmas shopping now is nuts! glad you were able to get everything you needed...sounds like you dont like shopping much, shopping together would have been fun! sarah and i had fun a great calendar with an awesome picture of the northern lights...want to frame a few pictures....well if i win the lottery one day :) hee hee..yeah slapping people shopping would be good, people are so rude and in a hurry all the time, that is why i hate it...but we would have had a good laugh ;)

you look hot with nothing on there cutie (man like i need to be thinking about you naked) accessories i am sure make you look great (it was a very nice watch too)...glad you arent going out to the bar..just to family ;) hee hee....i get way more jealous then you...or can i just call it protectiveness of a guy i like...

merry xmas eve cutie,
jaime XXOO (some deep passionate kisses and a long comforting hug)

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