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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yesterday I had no energy to do anything and, thank goodness because of the diet, neither did my mother. So I spent most of the day laying around except for a few errands.

Around 4-5pm B-renda (the bearded dwarf) came for a 1-on-1 talk with my mom because I'm determined to think she craves attention. Now, I'm a girl and a sensitive one at that, I certainly understand being emotional about something... but she refused to talk to my mom with me being present. As soon as she arrived Bob and I had to make ourselves scarse so I stuck around just to make her uncomfortable. Apparently she wanted to talk about my brother's ex and then how much they're in debt. You see, my brother Van (her husband) asked my parents to co-sign a loan a few years ago for $10,000 and since he wasn't even eligable for it, he and Bob's banker convinced Bob to take the loan out for Van, with Van making the payments. Van never made one payment. My mom has nearly finished paying off the loan now, and so Van himself couldn't come and ask for the money... no-no, he sent Brenda to because she doesn't care about sticking her nose in.

So she cried and cried and said it was about her mother, then turned it into the kids... then brought up money. It just pisses me off that they have nothing to do with us unless they want something from us. They have yet to invite my parents to do anything, even a stupid freakin' little cookout.

In my (rather grumpy) state I've thought about writing an email to them, but... what to say? It wouldn't be the first time I said something to her. I have said quite a few things to her face because I'm a rather nasty little rabbit when I'm cornered. An email is a different kind of thing. It's in writing, and once you write it and send it, it's there forever. Hrm...

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