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Coming Out of the Woodwork!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, today must be Friday-drink-a-box-of-wine-and-email-someone-day because I got an email from this guy that stalked me over the internet years ago. I talked to him out of pity, and he seriously made my life so depressing! It was bad enough to be going through the crap with my ex, and then on top of it he was so.......eeyore-like. Ya know, "Nice day, prolly rain." I finally had to just put him on ignore and then again and again because he made more accounts to instant message me with. Yeah, he's that weird.

So, as I was saying, out of the blue Mr. Box'o'wine decided to email me.


I know we haven't spoken in some time, and with your 29th coming up in just a few days, I got to thinking about you and thought I'd say hello. I'd have written closer to the 10th, but I'm possibly going to be out of town and didn't want to forget. Don't worry, this won't be a Regina-esque e-mail :)

I read through your latest blogs and it sounds like things haven't changed a terrible lot over there for you.

Anyway, he goes on for 7 more paragraphs before he ends it with hugs. I emailed Keith with a "you'll never guess what" subject title and forwarded off the email for him to enjoy too. He said the same thing I was thinking and I decided to email Mr. Box'o'wine back.

To spare you from the longness in my berating him, I'll give you the finer points of the email.

"I do not care to hear from you ever again, this will be the last email I ever send you. If you have my phone number, forget it. You've always been toxic to me, and you always will be. Remember that the next time you want to write me on how you're doing. I've been wanting to write to you to tell you this, but I didn't have any of your information. "

"Let me just give you a heads up. The past was horrible for me. You were the most depressing person I've ever known. You brought me to my lowest of low points and all I wanted after talking to you was to not be in a relationship anymore. Thank God my Keith came into my life."

And I ended it with "I hope you find someone someday that you actually want to date or whatever. Or not, I really don't care."

So, after it's all said and done, I have nothing to say but...this.

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