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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Ms. Grouch

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pardon the longness of this post.

The last few days I've watched my dog's health slowly deteriorate helplessly. I've noticed lately that her breathing has become kinda labored, but yesterday evening it seemed much more pronounced. I had mentioned it a few days prior to my mom, but she waved it off, then I mentioned it again, and again... and yesterday evening I was in tears when I mentioned it again. She said, in an upbeat, silly way, "No, she's fine!" and gave her a toy which the dog totally ignored. I'd really given up hope that she would stop being so blind and let me make the vet appointment when she knocked on my door lastnight around midnight.

"I think we have a problem." I knew immediately what she was talking about. "Her breathing?" I asked. She nodded and hugged me. "She won't put her head down." I went down to sit by my dog and try to comfort her, but it was like she was trying to keep her head out of the water her nose was pointed up so high.

So I went to the phone and dialed our vet, got the emergency clinic number, and then went up to get directions and we were off with the dog to get her checked out. I was almost possitive that she had something like pneumonia with a lot of fluid in the lungs. I was really unprepared when the vet came in and said the words,

"Congestive heart failure." and proceeded to show us x-rays of my poor, poor puppy's broken down body. Everything was full of fluid. You couldn't even see her heart in the x-rays. It was a cloudy mess of fluid. They shaved both sides of her and got half a liter of fluid away from her lungs and sent us home with Lasix (which is a diuretic) and instructions to let her drink as much water as she wants.

At 4am I tried to sleep and with a bit of trouble I finally drifted off. My mom invited Van, B-renda, and Van's kids Chris and Brandon over today for reasons unknown and so my whole day was shopping, preparing, and cooking dinner (with very little thanks) and much to my annoyance. At least they didn't bring their little rat humping "dog" with them.

To say the least I'm emotionally and physically drained, not to mention incredibly grouchy. Please keep my pup in your prayers or send good karma vibes, whichever it is you prefer.

To add to my grumpiness I've been given (practically) a "your blog sucks" rating (with 2 smacks out of 5) over at I talk too much. Apparently there's an overall rating that I'm completely boring, which I happen to agree with %100....anyone know where I can get a life?

I've taken a feather from Dawn (aka Webmiztris)'s cap (at Tiny Voices in my Head) and added Blogger commenting because my Meghan hasn't been able to comment in ages with Haloscan. So, you can either use Blogger or Haloscan to comment now.

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