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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tomorrow I leave for Florida because Bob went into intensive care on thursday (I think thursday) and my mom is slowly going nuts from it all. My original plans were to leave Friday, but when she keeps calling me crying I just can't sit by and do nothing.

My sister-in-law, the one I like to call sausage toes, Michelle has lowered herself on my totem pole of points to be equal with B-renda (my other "sister"-in-law) because of the stunt she pulled yesterday. My mom has been really exhausted and doesn't feel like explaining the story over and over again so she hasn't been calling everyone in the family. Instead she calls me and I call everyone and explain it over and over. Well, yesterday I called my brother Keith's wife Michelle and told her what's going on and that her plans to come down on Sunday would have to wait for another time. She's been wanting to come down for a little mini-vacation (they only live 3 hrs away from my parents) and thought that it would still be ok even though Bob's in the hospital. Umm... actually it's not, you selfish whore. (No, I didn't say this to her face... just to everyone else.) So when I say, "You want to come down to vacation while no one's at home?" and she comes back with this, "I just want to be there for your mom like family should." This line sent me into a rage that I had to carefully tuck away before I melted her with my words. "Well, she's not at home all day and when she gets home she doesn't want to socialize she wants to eat and go to sleep." This didn't satisfy Ms. Sausage Toes, nope! She wanted me to call my mom and ask her anyway, just incase. So I agree, fully planning on never mentioning it to my mom.

Why does her saying "I just want to be there for your mom like family should." send me into a rage? Well, it's not like they didn't know Bob was in bad shape before this freakin' week. My parents have been in Florida now for nearly 6 months and even though they live 3 hrs away they've only visited them once. Christmas was suppose to be with my parents, they cancelled. Then New Years, cancelled. The list goes on and on like this. When do they make sure they call my parents? When they know a birthday check should be coming in the mail! Now, of all times, she wants to be helpful like family should? Why? Because she wants a vacation! So, my mom's suppose to go to the hospital and then come home and entertain her, clean up after her (because she's a slob), and watch her child? Umm no.

So I called her back and flat out told her she's not coming down for a vacation. What does she do? She has my brother call me in the morning to guilt me about it. Sorry Charlie, still not happening. The only people whose feelings I care about right now are the people that actually care about me and my parents.

It's times like these where you learn who your true friends are.

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