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Bearded B-renda Stikes Again!

Friday, February 17, 2006

My life is getting more and more interesting, I tells ya. Thanks to Mrs. P, my brother Van's boss, I now get a wake up call every morning early enough to make me a very grumpy person. Fortunately for her, I've not been sleeping all that well and I've been up every morning before she calls. Another thing in her favor is I keep her around because she amuses me with comments like, "I was talking with my husband last night and he and I agree your brother is being led around by the nose." The fact that someone who can barely function in society notices that my brother is absolutely whipped is beyond hilarious.

So yesterday I get my lovely call and I wasn't in the mood for talking so I let the answering machine get it. I could hear from downstairs that it was a reaaaallly long message and that it was a female voice. So, since normal people usually wait until at least 9:30-10am to make a phone call I decide to pick myself up and find out what it was about. I hear a minute long message (because my machine cut her off) about how she's mad and blah-blah-blah why did my mother and I want her to take Van & Brenda's picture off the website? She got permission from Van..and so on. I was like... what the heck?

I call my mom up and ask, "Did you talk to Van yesterday or something?" She's like, "I haven't talked to them since I left for Florida." (Which is another thing that pisses me off.) So I play the message for her and we're both clueless now. Obviously I have to call Mrs. P back and see what the heck is up.

So I call Mrs. P, who in turn then calls my mother. My mother calls me back and we decide I should call B-renda. So I hang up with her, call B-renda and leave a message for her to call me back and then call my mother back. While I'm talking to her B-renda calls me back and says she's going to call my brother Van and I click back over and when she's finished I click back over with my mom. So while I'm talking to my mom B-renda calls back and I click over, get more annoyed, and then click back with my mom. We decide I need to call my brother, so I hang up with my mom and call him. When I'm done there I call my mom back and she has to go because she's getting a call but says she'll call me back. So I get a 5 minute break until Mrs. P calls me again to say she's talked to my mom. When Mrs. P is done my mom calls me back and recap all that's happening.

It seems B-renda saw the pictures of her and my brother on Mrs. P's website and decided that she wants their pictures off A.S.A.P. Well, my brother Van is an absolute chicken-shite and knows that B-renda has absolutely no pull when it comes to Mrs. P, especially when he already signed a form allowing Mrs. P to put their pictures up on her site. So instead of saying something tactful and showing respect to his employer he decides to pull my mother and I into it. He tells Mrs. P's son & husband that B-renda called us and that all three of us don't want their pictures up there. Knowing full well that Mrs. P will care if my mother and I don't want them up there. So Mrs. P got offended because I'd already sent her an email telling her how I thought her site was elegant and such and calls me..... and my day began.

That horrible bearded witch had the NERVE to be angry with ME when she called me too. Angry and snippy when she had to right to be. My mother and I are the ones that were dragged into something we had nothing to do with, nor cared about.

So since she pissed me off I'm gonna post this picture of her to make myself feel better.

And now close up...

hahahahahahaha *snort* *cough* hahahaha *hiccup*!

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