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My Tresse

Friday, February 10, 2006

I took her to the vet today (well yesterday if you want to be literal about it) about the lump on her side that seems to be growing. David, my lovely brother, got me worried enough to make the appointment and I'm regretting it now. All I wanted to know was, should I have it removed? Is she in pain? If I should remove it, beign that she'll be 13 next month, will surgery be something she'll make it through?

Unfortunately there are no easy answers. She gave me all the options and none seem like she's leaning that way. Tresse may be perfectly fine if I leave her be and don't remove her lump. On the other hand, it could grow and make her all the more uncomfortable... not to mention she's not getting any younger. It's really hard to be the one to tell the rest of the family about my beautiful dog's condition, and be the strong one about it. The "everything'll be fine" one instead of the weeping, miserable mess that I am when no one is awake.

My Tresse has been there for a lot of late night talks, you know. I'm sure I sound absolutely nuts, but when no one's around to listen who better to talk to than your dog? She won't tell my secrets or tell me that she's disappointed in me. She's more than happy to lay there while I cry with her, just as long as I rub her belly and behind her ears. If I stop she's not the shy type, she'll paw at me and remind me to do my job.

It's amazing just how much life she brings into this house. Last year when I was on my way down to Florida to spend some time with my parents, my brother had taken the dog with him. My plane ended up being rescheduled because of weather and when I took a taxi home, there was only the cat. It was so quiet... it was just erie. Imagining it now is too depressing for words.

I'm sorry for such an unhappy post, but a girl has to let it out somewhere. By the way, my dog is happy as a lark right now. It's just something I've been avoiding that's got me all upset.

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