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Copyrighted to Bunny of Bunny's Babblings
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Well, the sun has definately changed it's position in the sky, a lot of the song birds are back, and my plants are perking up so it must be spring. You wouldn't really know it by stepping outside, what with it snowing lately and all, but it surely is spring. The days are finally starting to get longer.

I had a great weekend, infact one of the best since about... oh... 2 weeks ago. My Keithy drove out on Friday and we had a wonderful, way too bloody short, weekend. On Saturday he and I spent most of the morning being a little lazy. Keith thought he should get his [insert car part] flushed and refilled and so we took his truck up to my brother Van's work so he could take a look at it. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as Keith had been hoping when my brother showed him he needed his water pump changed. About $300 and a few hours later (good thing I drove too) his truck was good to go. I always find it so funny about how you get a few guys together in a shop enviornment and they could stand there for HOURS talking about car crap. It was still a nice time because...well...anything with my Keithy is nice. Afterwards we went home, got cleaned up, and went to dinner with my friends Meghan & her hubby Brian and Christina & her fiance Joe. Bucca DeBeppo's is normally not my cup of tea but this time it was awesome. I guess when you're starving and you have good company it doesn't matter where you eat.

We ordered some cake but the waiter had a brain fart and decided to bring our check instead, to Meghan's delight. Instead we hopped over to Malley's (awesome chocolate & ice cream place) for some ice cream. Keith couldn't talk better about Meghan's hubby and Joe (who he'd just met) on the short jaunt home.

I love my weekends with Keithy ... but I hate that they're so darn short. Depression sets in very shortly afterwards because I miss him so much. I can't wait for Easter, he and I are driving down to Florida for some sun and fun.

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