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Thursday, September 14, 2006

My high school reunion is coming up this Saturday, and no ( don't hit me too hard Meghan) I won't be going. With my root canal costing $2000+ I thought the $90 for a meal and open bar surrounded by people (minus my friends) that I don't want to be with anyway would really be a waste of money I don't have to spend anyway. Right? Right.

So, because I found this so amusing I thought I'd post, for Meghan's sake, what the website of the building the reunion will be in posted, and then the pictures I drove by (yes, I'm that pathetic) and took.

The Front

Website's picture

(Oh, look how happy everyone is!)


That's right, they were looking out ... not into the nicely landscaped lawns, or a flowers, but a big, ugly parking lot.

Back Patio

Website's picture

My goodness, is this a beautiful patio with a garden-like setting?

Reality (looking at where the pink arrows are pointing)

No, you get a view of yet another parking lot and a field next to a house (that's also not pretty).

It's just a crappy location and really doesn't even look like it's used.

On a side note, while I'm posting pictures I thought I'd post a picture of something I never thought I'd ever see again.

Bob is working! He's not really able to do much of anything anymore, and I sympathize with him, I really do. Unfortunately, when he wants my mom to trim a bush outside he'll say something like, "I'll trim that bush tomorrow." which is Bob code for "You trim that bush." and it really angers my mom. So the other day he said it and I had clippers waiting for him in the drawer by the front door. I handed him the clippers and said, "Why wait for tomorrow?" and he scowled at me, turned around, and clipped on little branch and said, "I'm too tired." My mom marched him back out and made him do the whole thing. To prove it I took pictures.

Tough love like that isn't mean. If he doesn't use his arms, he'll lose the ability to for the times when he does want to. Good stuff.

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