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Friday, March 31, 2006

If you know me then you know I absolutely love star gazing. My Keithy (the man I'm gonna marry) is usually the only person I tell about all my star gazing stuff, but this is actually a pretty kewl thing.

"A couple of days ago, people were excited when the Moon eclipsed the sun, a single star. On Saturday, April 1st, the Moon is going to eclipse an entire star cluster--the Pleiades. The eclipse (or "occultation") will be visible from eastern and central parts of North America. Start looking as soon as the sun sets. The slender crescent moon will pop out of the western twilight next to or among the stars of the Pleiades. Binoculars are recommended but not required.

Of special interest is a set of grazing occultations visible from Washington, DC; Birmingham, Alabama; Statesboro, Georgia; and Hilton Head island, South Carolina. Sky watchers there can see stars grazing the lunar limb, blinking in and out among the mountains of the moon.Even if you're outside the occultation-zone, be sure to scan the western sky on Saturday night. The slender crescent moon, complete with Earthshine, will be pleasingly close to the Pleiades no matter where you live."

If you want to be informed about space happenings sign up for it at!

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