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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Today I have a most hilarious story, and no it's not an April fools joke though I don't really know how it could even be mistaken as one.

When Keithy was visiting last weekend we had just nestled down in bed and I was watching TV when I decided to take some advil for a sinus headache. I turned on the nightstand light just moments before the clock was about to hit the hour on the dot. Unfortunately I have a clock that doesn't just chime the hour, it plays a little song.....loudly. If the lights are out and the TV is on it won't play because it has a light sensor.

Well, the clock starts playing and I look over at Keith, who had just fallen asleep and cringe and say, "I'm sorry... I turned the light on and it made the clock sing." He jumps out of bed and starts walking towards the clock, "What do I do?" I'm totally baffled by his behavior and watch him look at the clock in bewilderment as it sings. "Jen, what do I do?" I still have no clue what he's talking about, "I....donno?" but by this time I'm starting to giggle. He looks as though he's about to take the clock off the wall and I ask, "What do you mean, what do I do?" He says, "How do I turn the clock off?" and by now the song is finished and the little ladies in the clock are no longer moving. I start laughing, "You're trying to turn off the music?" By now he's starting to wake up more and a sheepish grin spreads across his face. "Uhh... well, I thought that's what you asked me to do!" This, of course, makes me laugh harder now and I can't seem to say anything because of it. He told as he got back in bed that when he went over he was so frustrated with me. He couldn't understand how I would ask him to turn off my clock and then not know how to do it myself.

It's probubly one of those stories better, either told in person or, seen first hand... but it still cracks me up.

Also, I thought I'd mention that I've entered the Shitty Blog Survivor!
The idea behind it sounded FAR too fun not to play so I had to sign up. It's members only so if you'd like to join up in the fun, be sure to join our lovely little club.

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